Tree & Shrub Care St. Louis, MO

Healthy trees and shrubs are a great addition to a healthy lawn. Our comprehensive 6 step tree & shrub program provides an insecticide, fungicide, miticide, and fertilization to keep your landscape looking great! Here’s a look at our tree & shrub care program:

Round 1:

Prevent insect eggs from hatching on your tree and shrubs with our application of dormant oil. Dormant oil is an odorless, refined-oil applied to suffocate target pests and prevent against certain types of scale.

Round 2:

Bloom with confidence with Green      ’s blend of insecticide, miticide, and fungicide to help ensure the health and growth of your landscape during this important stage.

Round 3:

Maintain with Green T’s insecticide and miticide to keep bagworms and other various insects from populating. A fungicide is also included to prevent disease and control tree fungus.

Round 4:

Protect with Green T’s insecticide and miticide to combat against Japanese beetles and mites, stopping them from feeding off the greenery on your trees and shrubs. A fungicide is also included in this application.

Round 5:

Prepare for the approaching winter with Green T’s insecticide, miticide, and fungicide. It maintains the control of insects, mites, and fungus to your landscape.

Round 6:

Fertilize with a deep root injection designed to deliver nutrients directly to the tree’s root system. This benefit of this application is a healthier, stronger landscape the following spring.

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