Lawn Care St. Louis, MO – Lawn Care Program

Lawn Fertilization Green       offers a comprehensive lawn care service program custom formulated for the season and climate in the St. Louis area. Each application is a specific nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium blend fully suited for the different heat and weather factors between early spring and late fall. The lawn care schedule consists of a 7 round fertilization program, including a preventative pre-emergent for weed control and selective-herbicide for post-emergent weed control. All these services are included in the base package and offer an excellent start to a great looking lawn. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the specialized rounds (every application includes a broadleaf weed control).  This lawn care program is designed for the St. Louis, St. and Charles, MO area.

Round 1:

Recover from the harsh winter weather with our early spring application. Our high-nitrogen, slow release blend will promote new growth, green color, and overall good health.

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Round 2:

Prevent crabgrass with our pre-emergent application, included with your slow-release fertilizer, which stops unwanted crabgrass and weed germination. We offer a 6-month guarantee that crabgrass will not sprout in your lawn!

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Round 3:

Green Up with our late spring fertilization formulated to promote a dark green lawn. Our slow-release fertilizer will ensure proper nutrients for the harsh summer months ahead.

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Round 4:

Maintain with our summer fertilization. It is aimed to feed your lawn with nutrients that will protect your lawn from disease and brown spots.

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Round 5:

Go Organic with our organic-based fertilizer formulated to be more gentle and reduce the high-heat stresses your lawn faces in the late summer months.

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Round 6:

Prepare for the cooler weather with a full serving of out granular, slow release fertilizer for continued feeding and nutrition for your lawn. *Aeration and over seeding is also offered at this time, as an additional service, to reduce thatch and promote overall great health.

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Round 7:

Winterize with our high-potassium fertilizer which prevents your grass blades from drying out and cracking during the long, harsh winter. It also helps add nutrients to the soil, allowing your lawn to recover more effectively in the upcoming spring.

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