Common Missouri Lawn Weeds

The best natural defense that a lawn has against weed growth is a strong root system. A strong, thick root system chokes out weeds to prevent them from growing and establishing themselves in the lawn. While proper fertilization and watering techniques promote a strong root system, weeds can still grow even in the healthiest lawn.

The best weed control applications should effectively kill weeds without causing damage to the existing grass and root system. Post-emergent weed applications can have differing effects with some products such as Roundup damaging the grass around the weeds. The weed control applications used by Green T contain a blend of specific herbicides that target weeds without damaging the grass or root system. This herbicide begins taking effect within 24 hours of the application and kills weeds within 7-10 days. Below are the most common weeds found in Missouri.

ChickweedChickweed: Chickweed is a low-growing weed that has broad, oval shaped leaves and white, star-shaped flowers that grow alone or in clusters. There are two forms of chickweed in Missouri; common and mouse ear. Common chickweed is an annual plant and mouse ear chickweed is perennial and can survive through the winter.

CrabgrassCrabgrass: Missouri has two species of crabgrass; large crabgrass which is hairy and smooth crabgrass which is hairless. Both plants are summer annuals that spread as they grow with blades that can be between 2 and 6 inches long and create dense mats as the stems spread from the center.

DandelionDandelion: Dandelions are perennial weeds that have bright yellow blossoms atop a leafless stem that becomes a puffball seed carrier. These weeds are widespread throughout Missouri and the United States.

HenbitHenbit: Henbit is a winter annual that grows erect and can get up to 16 inches tall. The leaves are heart-shaped and hairy with green or purple stems and they develop pink or purple flowers.

NutsedgeNutsedge: There are two types of nutsedge; purple and yellow nutsedge. These weeds are perennials that can grow up to 2 ½ feet tall if left undisturbed. The leaves resemble shoots of grass branching upward from the center and have yellow or purple flowers.

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