Missouri Lawn Insects:

Grubs:White grubs are small, plump, white larvae which viciously eat away at grass roots. They are the larvae of June bugs and other beetles. Grubs live below the soil surface and actually chew off the roots of the grass. Since the grubs destroy the roots, the lawn will appear yellow in patches. The damaged lawn will look dry and many customers assume that the lawn needs water to restore a green appearance. Another obvious symptom to watch for is pencil-sized holes in your lawn from animals like skunks, moles and birds digging up the lawn and feeding on the grubs. A damaged lawn will roll back like a carpet.

Typically at that stage, Green      can help by assessing the damage and applying the proper amount of granular insecticide, like Dylox. Dylox is known to be effective and exhibits excellent results when properly applied to treat lawns infected with grubs. Having a preventative application of grub control applied the following May or June will help to avoid this problem from re-developing.

Sod webworms are the caterpillars of lawn moths. The moths are small about ½ inch long and whitish-gray. The moths are usually noticed when flushed out by a mower or people walking. When the moths fly, they make a jerky movement and quickly return to the lawn. The moths fly over the lawn laying eggs which hatch in a few days and the young caterpillars start to feed. Unlike white grubs, sod webworms feed above ground on the grass blades. The larvae clip off grass blades close to the soil surface exposing the crowns and roots to the hot sun, thus damaging the lawn. Normally damage of webworms appears as circular patches of dead areas in the lawn. An indication of sod webworm activity may be noticed by a number of birds pecking holes in the lawn in search of caterpillars.

Before treating for sod webworms, pull back the turf and look for a silk-like shell casing that houses the caterpillar. If it has been determined they have infiltrated your lawn, calling a lawn care professional to apply the proper amount of insecticide will help dissolve the problem.

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