Mid-Late Summer Lawn Care – Organic-Based Fertilizer

As the summer months heat up, it is increasingly important that the fertilizer used is organic based and blended with summer nutrients to help prevent the effects of heat stress. The nutrients from organic fertilizers protect the root system during periods of extreme heat or even drought to keep your lawn thick and healthy. July and August tend to be the hottest and driest summer months, which is why continuing to apply organic fertilizer is important for maximizing the effects of nutrients in the soil and retaining moisture to reduce top soil erosion. The slow releasing nutrients of our granular fertilizer feed the lawn consistently and evenly between applications.

Weed control applications should continue through the end of the summer and into the fall because weeds are always a threat to take over a lawn. Persistence in weed control application will help prevent them from growing for the remainder of the season. Grub control applications can stop by the end of the summer if they have been effectively controlled up to this point. The main development period for grubs ends by midsummer, however, we offer insect control applications for other common pests such as chinch bugs which commonly infest lawns during the hot, dry months of the mid to late summer.

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