Lesco Lawn Fertilizer

A strong root system is the secret to maintaining a healthy, vibrant lawn from the early spring to the late fall months. Promoting a healthy root system is best achieved with proper fertilization techniques which start with a quality fertilizer product. Green T Lawn Care uses high quality Lesco brand fertilizer products that are made by John Deere. Green T uses Lesco granular fertilizers that release nutrients slowly to keep your lawn healthy through the entire season.

Granular based fertilizers have several advantages over more conventional liquid based fertilizers. The first advantage is that they release nutrients slowly and evenly over time. Liquid based fertilizers are high in nitrogen and release nutrients quickly, causing the lawn to use these nutrients all at once and leaving it with nothing until the next application. Lesco’s granular based fertilizers are developed to release nutrients evenly over time. The granules in the fertilizer have a coat which releases nutrients as it dissolves slowly in the soil to continuously supply the roots with the necessary nutrients to stay strong and healthy.

Another advantage of Lesco fertilizers in addition to the steady release of nutrients is that they are safe for people and pets. Lesco fertilizers consist of organic materials such as compost, blood meal, bone meal, seaweed extracts, and humic and amino acids as opposed to harsh chemicals found in liquid based fertilizers. These organic materials help activate existing nutrients in the soil as well as retain moisture. The last major advantage of Lesco granular fertilizers is that they have a faster drying time than liquid fertilizers. As a result, your lawn will be open to use by pets and people quickly after the application.

Green T Lawn Care is committed to achieving the best possible results for your lawn which is why we only use top quality Lesco fertilizer products. Lesco fertilizers are made by one of the most respected names in the lawn care industry, John Deere. Using these top quality products allows us to deliver a quality of service to achieve the desired results for your lawn that meet are high standards.

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