Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How frequent should I water my lawn?

A: A lawn should receive a minimum of 1” per week or enough water to penetrate 12” of soil. Less frequent, deeper watering is better at encouraging deep root growth while making the lawn more resistant to disease and fungus. This is typically achieved by a 15 minute watering cycle 3 times per week. Watering in the early morning (4am-9am) is best to prevent water waste due to evaporation.

Q: When should I mow my lawn?

A: Mowing more frequently and trimming less is better for the overall health for the lawn. A mowing height of 2-3” is recommended while not removing over 1/3 of the grass leaf per mow. The frequency can vary to once a week to more depending on the time of year and growth rate.

Q: When can I go on the lawn after application?

A: The lawn is safe to go on immediately after application if no weed control was applied. If weed control was applied, we recommend staying off the lawn until it has time to dry, typically 30 minutes depending on the weather conditions.

Q: Can I water my lawn after treatment?

A: While watering after an application won’t harm the effectiveness of the fertilizer, we recommend waiting until the weed control (if applied) is dry. This is usually achieved in 30 minutes, depending on the weather.

Q: Will rain affect the weed control?

A: The weed control has a sticking agent combined with it, so light rain won’t affect the product. **Green T doesn’t dispatch technicians in conditions of moderate-heavy rain.

Q: When do the weeds die after a weed control application?

A: Weeds will begin to shrivel and die over the next 7-10 days after a weed control application.

Q: Can I mow after seeding?

A: Mowing directly after seeding is not recommended. You should avoid mowing the newly seeded areas for 2-3 weeks, or until the newly sprouted seedlings reach 3”. With spot seeding, mowing around the newly seeded areas is fine as long as the seed has time to settle and will not blow around from the mower.

Q: Should I water differently after seeding?

A: Yes, watering should be increased to 15 minutes daily (or every other day), over the next 2-3 weeks. Resume this cycle until the seedlings reach 3”.

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