Late Fall Lawn Care

As the fall season gives way to the cold winter weather, the focus of lawn care becomes the preparation of the lawn for the winter. By this point of the fall, grub and weed control applications are no longer done and the fertilizers used should have higher concentrations of potassium to winterize the lawn. Green T applies high potassium winterizing fertilizer with our late fall lawn care to keep your lawn protected against the winter weather for a speedy spring recovery.

The main function of winterizer applications is to protect grass blades from cracking or drying out in the extreme cold. The high levels of potassium help grasses become more tolerant of cold weather as they optimize the plant’s use of nitrogen which is responsible for the coloration and certain metabolic processes within plants. Potassium controls a plant’s water usage which is important for color and overall plant health. Healthy potassium levels also promote strong green stems and deep roots which are much more resistant to cold weather. A lack of potassium can contribute to dead leaf tissue and discoloration from improper water usage. The benefits from high potassium fertilizer applications will help your lawn stay healthy through the winter and look thick and green in the spring.

Applying high potassium fertilizers late in the fall season gives your lawn the best chance for winter survival. Customers who receive lawn care services from Green T will get winterizer applications as part of our late fall service. Practicing proper lawn care in the fall will prepare your lawn to endure the winter weather and grow back strong in the spring.

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