Fall Lawn Care

With the start of fall comes crisp, dry weather which means that lawn care practices must change to accommodate for the increasing cold and begin preparing the lawn for the winter. Fertilizer applications should switch back to slow release granular fertilizers for a more steady food source and weed control applications can continue until late in the fall. Another major aspect of good fall lawn care is aeration and over seeding which benefits your lawn in many ways to help it prepare for the winter.

The process of performing aerations involves removing small plugs of grass and soil over the entire lawn to open up the soil for nutrients and water to absorb near the root system. This allows nutrients like oxygen and fertilizers to penetrate the surface and reach the root system to help strengthen it and increase its resistance to winter weather. Aeration services are typically accompanied with over seeding services because the holes opened up by aeration also allow seeds to penetrate the surface. The ground holds extra moisture in the winter that will help these seeds germinate fast in the spring. The other way in which aerations benefit your lawn is by removing the buildup of thatch from the surface. Thatch is a layer of dead roots, rhizomes, and lawn clippings that builds between the grass and soil and absorbs nutrients and water away from the root system. The process of aeration will remove layers of thatch as it opens up the soil, allowing more nutrients and seeds to absorb near the root.

Aerations are best performed by lawn care providers and Green T offers fall aeration and over seeding services that also include starter fertilizer applications. Starter fertilizer is applied close to the root system and is highly condensed to help plants absorb the nutrients easier in the cold, wet soil conditions typical in the fall. With aeration and over seeding services as well as proper fertilizer applications, your lawn will stay healthy through the fall and be better prepared to endure the winter.

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