Early Spring Lawn Care

When the first days of spring arrive, it is time to begin early season lawn care to help your lawn begin its recovery from the damage caused by the cold St. Louis winter. The most effective early season lawn care strategies are slow release fertilizer application and weed control. Slow release fertilizer promotes growth and color and early weed control can prevent weed growth to help your lawn make a stronger recovery. Most insect life cycles do not begin until mid to late spring so it is best to avoid using pesticides or insect control this early in the season.

The best fertilizer to apply in the earliest days of spring is slow release granular fertilizer that is high in nitrogen. Granular fertilizer is comprised of coated granules that naturally settle in the soil and top soil before taking effect. The granules start dissolving within 24 hours of the application to slowly but steadily release nutrients evenly throughout the soil. This results in even fertilization and prevents over fertilization which is quite damaging to a lawn this early in the season. Granular fertilizer is also safe for people and pets without the drying time and health hazards of liquid chemical fertilizers. Using granular fertilizer early in the season is the best way to promote growth for a strong recovery.

Implementing effective weed control early in the season along with granular fertilizer also helps lawns make speedy spring recoveries. The most effective weed control is a blend of specific herbicides that attacks common weeds but is safe for grass. The weed control blend begins affecting weeds within 24 hours and even helps prevent new weeds from growing. During the first weeks of spring, lawn care should be focused on restoring growth with slow release fertilizer and beginning the implementation of weed control to help prevent future growth. Correctly applying these methods will promote the development of a thick root system which is crucial to maintaining a healthy lawn.

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