Grub Control Service St Louis, MO

Green T is a leading provider of grub control treatments in the St. Louis, MO area. Read below for lawn diagnostics and more information on how to prevent and treat grubs.

Grub Damage Symptoms & Preventative Treatment

Grubs are the larvae from a variety of beetles and bugs. After hatching, they begin to feed on your lawn’s root system. Grubs can cause a huge amount of damage, usually showing irregular brown/yellow patches around the yard. The damaged areas are loose and typically peel back easily since the root system has been destroyed. Grub damage is irreversible and, once symptoms show, is generally too late to recover. Damaged grass is typically dug out and reseeded to restore appearance. Green T offers an additional preventative insecticide during our “Round 3” to destroy grubs before they destroy your lawn. This treatment is highly recommended and should be applied annually for the best results.

Grub Control for Untreated Lawns:

An untreated lawn can be severely damaged by grub populations. If grubs are found in your lawn, damage control is the only treatment. Diagnosing grub damage as early as possible will help limit the extent of this damage. Once found, Green T stops grubs from spreading with a granular insecticide, called Dylox, which is manufactured by the Bayer drug company. This treatment is only recommended if grub damage or other insect damage is visible. *Please note: Since grubs attack the grass’s root system, signs of browning typically don’t occur on the grass level until a couple of days after the roots are destroyed.There may still be signs of grub damage after the Dylox application, because of this root loss.

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