Identifying and Preventing Leaf Spot Disease

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The St. Louis area is finally experiencing consistent warm temperatures and with the summer right around the corner, the growth of the lawns is intensifying.  This is also the time of year when common lawn problems start to surface such as weed growth and disease.  One such disease that often appears in late spring is leaf spot which is a fungal disease that affects grass blades.  It is important for homeowners to be able to correctly identify leaf spot and take the proper actions to eliminate it.

Leaf Spot Identification

The main symptom of leaf spot is the yellow, dark-centered circles that appear in blades of grass and give the lawn an overall yellowish color.  Leaf spot typically forms in cool moist weather or on grass blades that are mowed too short.  The disease progresses into a more serious melting out stage when the weather warms up.  The melting out stage can be identified by the large, discolored turf patches that form on the lawn.  Fortunately, lawns can overcome leaf spot with the proper care and attention.

Treating Leaf Spot

If your lawn is over taken by leaf spot by the time the weather warms up, you may want to make the following changes to your lawn care regimen.  The first thing you should do is water your lawn in the morning hours.  If you water later during the day or at night, standing water may accumulate and contribute to the development of leaf spot in the lawn.  It may also help to water less frequently in lawns with leaf spot.

Another way to help eliminate leaf spot disease is by adjusting your mower blade to raise the height of the grass.  Cutting the lawn too short can contribute to the spread of leaf spot while cutting the grass blades longer will allow the lawn to better combat the disease.  Keeping the lawn free of debris and trimming overhanging tree branches will also help the lawn fight disease by improving air movement.  The most effective way to eliminate or prevent any disease including leaf spot is to regularly fertilize your lawn to help promote a strong healthy root system.

If you notice leaf spot forming in your lawn, make sure to take immediate action to eliminate the disease for a healthier, greener lawn.  Many lawn diseases can be tricky to deal with but leaf spot is a lawn disease that can be overcome with the right care and maintenance.  Make sure to contact a professional lawn care provider such as Green T Lawn Care if the leaf spot in your lawn is too much for you to handle with these tips.  The technicians of Green T can safely and effectively treat your lawn for leaf spot and many other common lawn diseases.

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