Spring Cleaning Tips for St. Louis

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This cold, snowy winter is almost entirely behind us which means that it is time for St. Louis homeowners to start fresh with their lawns.  Each spring, homeowners should inspect their lawns to determine what they need to do to prepare them for a healthy growing season.  This list of spring cleaning tips will help you get started and give you some ideas for making sure that your lawn is adequately prepared by the time the summer arrives.

  • Clear your Lawn: The first thing you should do in your lawn this spring is inspect it for debris such as thatch and leftover leaves.  Use a rake to remove thatch and leaves, pick up branches and sticks, and make sure to remove any unnatural physical debris such as toys or equipment.
  • Edging: Inspect the edging around your planting beds and make sure the edges are sharp.  A clean edge adds distinction to the features of the landscape and prevents grass clippings from getting into the planting beds.
  • Mowing: Early in the spring, it is best to set the blade on the mower high so that the grass will grow longer and help establish and strengthen the root system.  However, it is recommended to check the blades, spark plugs, oil, and air filters of the mower before starting it for the first time.
  • Hoses and Sprinklers: If you regularly water your lawn using the hose or sprinklers inspect the hose and the sprinklers themselves to make sure there are no leaks and that they are watering the right areas.
  • Mulching: Laying down new mulch in the spring will help retain moisture and warmth for your plants.  Mulch should be laid around trees, shrubs, and planting beds in a layer that is between 2 and 4 inches thick.
  • Pruning: The spring is also the opportune time to prune shrubs, bushes, and if they are part of your landscape, roses.  Make sure to remove the deadwood without disturbing the plant’s foliage and do not prune plants that bloom in the spring.
  • Plant Seeds in your Gardens: As you prepare the rest of the lawn for the growing season, you should prepare your gardens as well by turning over the soil with fertilizer and planting seeds.  The soil of the garden can be turned simply by using a shovel and hoe as you add seeds and fertilizer.
  • Clean Gutters and Patio Furniture: It is beneficial to clean out your gutters before the spring rains move in so that rain water is properly drained without damaging the foundation of your home or over watering the plants situated below the gutters.  If you have patio furniture, now is the time to clean them off before setting them back up in the yard.

By following this spring checklist for cleaning up your lawn, you will have a lawn fully prepared to thrive in the St. Louis growing season.  If you would like to ensure the health of your lawn all season, contact Green T Lawn Care in St. Louis to sign up for our lawn care services.  Our season long lawn care applications include a combination of fertilizer and weed control as well as additional treatments such as grub control and tree and shrub treatments.

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