Tips for Effective Snow Removal

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This winter has been one of the coldest and snowiest winters on record for the St. Louis area and many homeowners are getting weary of salting and shoveling.  However, the spring is still weeks away and snow removal must be done by St. Louis residents to be able to safely use their driveways and sidewalks.  While removing snow yourself can be a difficult endeavor especially with the amount of snow that has fallen this year, following these tips can help ease the process as we enter the final weeks of winter.

Snow Blowers

Snow blowers may be an expensive snow removal option but in areas that experience regular snowfall each winter, they can actually be worth the investment.  Shoveling snow manually is very time consuming and can be very physically demanding especially with the amount of snow that has fallen this winter.  The use of a snow blower will not only speed up the process, but also make snow removal much less strenuous physically which is highly beneficial for those with long driveways or physical limitations.  The best time to buy a snow blower is in the off season when they are less expensive.

Get a Better Shovel

Shoveling snow is a physically demanding task and if your shovel is poorly built, it will just make the job even more difficult.  Characteristics of a bad shovel include weak scoops, uncomfortable handles, poor grip, and too much weight.  When looking for a shovel, try to find one that is lightweight with a sturdy hard plastic or metal scoop.

Shovel in Groups

After a heavy snowfall, shoveling the driveway alone can be very taxing but shoveling with friends or family members as a group will help the process.  This strategy not only greatly reduces the amount of time needed to shovel, but it also reduces the physical demand of the job on all involved.  Tackling snow removal as a team may also make the job more enjoyable.

Professional Snow Removal

With the amount of snow that has fallen on the St. Louis area this winter, some homeowners may have reached a point where they can no longer handle shoveling their own property.  Hiring a professional snow removal service is very beneficial for homeowners who cannot remove snow themselves from their property and they offer a great change of pace from shoveling manually in temperatures below freezing.

While the forecast continues to call for snow this winter, make sure to stay on top of your snow removal because the snow can compact and freeze over the driveway and sidewalks if it is not immediately removed.  If you adhere to these tips when removing snow, the process will be much easier and quicker.  Green T offers snow removal services to homes and businesses that are interested in having their snow removed by a professional.  Contact us to learn more about or snow removal services and keep in mind that we are past the halfway point of the winter.

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