Winter Lawn Care Tips for St. Louis

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The St. Louis area is deep in the winter season and many of our lawns are dormant or even covered in snow.  Lawn care is usually far from most homeowner’s minds in the midst of winter but there are still some ways to help keep your lawn maintained to give it a better chance of growing back strong in the spring.  As the winter season creeps closer to the spring, make sure to follow these tips and contact Green T Lawn Care to set up lawn care services for your home in the St. Louis area.

One way to help keep your lawn maintained during the winter season is to keep it free of any debris that may accumulate.  This includes natural debris such as leaves, logs, and twigs as well as unnatural items including toys or equipment.  It is important to clear any debris right away because if it snows, the debris sitting on the lawn could cause turf damage.  Heavy items like toys and equipment leave depressions in a frozen lawn and natural debris absorbs the moisture of the snow which makes the lawn more vulnerable to disease.

In addition to keeping your lawn free of debris, you should also limit or avoid foot traffic during the winter.  When the lawn is frosted or iced over, the grass blades become stiffened and lose the flexibility they normally have in the growing season.  Walking on these stiffened grass blades will cause them to bend or break which could permanently damage certain grass types.

If the winter happens to be a mild one with little snow, your grass may actually show some growth because the root system goes through plenty of development during this season.  If the grass is actively growing and there is no snowfall, you can mow the lawn.  Just make sure to use a high blade setting because the height of the grass will determine how deep the root system grows in the soil.  The deeper the roots develop during the winter, the stronger and healthier your lawn will be in the spring.

As you endure the rest of the St. Louis winter, take these tips into consideration to help keep your lawn maintained until the spring.  Taking these few extra steps to ensure that the surface stays protected and the root system fully develops will go a long way towards keeping your lawn healthy through the growing season.  Contact Green T Lawn Care in St. Louis to learn more about winter lawn care or to sign up for our lawn care services this spring.

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