Warm Up with a Backyard Fire Pit

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By now your lawn has been covered with at least one layer of snow if it is not currently covered, and you have probably decided that you cannot enjoy your lawn until the spring arrives.  However, there is a way to get enjoyment out of your lawn during the St. Louis winter by installing a fire pit.  Fire pits are a great addition to your lawn that can be enjoyed year round, especially in the winter to provide warmth.  Before installing a fire pit, it is wise to research any local codes or guidelines concerning fire pits on your property and to place them away from flammable materials such as trees, shrubs, and sheds.  The following are some guidelines for installing a fire pit in your yard.

  • The first step is to decide what materials you want to use to make the fire pit and get them from a hardware or home improvement store.  Stone or cast concrete blocks or bricks are the best materials to use for the walls of the pit and they come in a variety of colors and styles to create many unique looks.  Blocks with angled sides can be used to make round fire pits and blocks with flat tops are better for stacking.  Other necessary materials include masonry glue, mortar, a steel ring, and capstones.
  • Start the installation process by outlining the boundary of the fire pit and digging a 12 inch deep trench along the outline.  Fill the bottom 6 inches of the trench with gravel and start building the wall of the fire pit in the remaining six inches so that its base is underground.  Building the wall this way will contribute to better drainage and offer protection from the ice and snow.
  • Once the first layer of bricks or blocks is laid in the trench, start building the wall by stacking the bricks and gluing them together with the masonry glue.  The walls of the fire pit should be no taller than one foot above the ground.
  • Once the wall is built, you may want to install a steel ring to line the interior of the wall.  This step is optional but a steel ring is the best way to protect the brick or stone from drying out or cracking from the flames.
  • Once the walls of the fire pit are built and a steel ring is installed, you can install capstones along the top of the pit using mortar for a nice finishing touch.

By following these guidelines, you can build a fire pit in your lawn that can be enjoyed during every season in St. Louis.  A fire pit not only brings warmth in the winter, but also adds a nice touch to outdoor gatherings during the spring and summer.  Visit your local hardware store to begin gathering materials to build your own fire pit and for more winter lawn care advice, check this blog or contact Green T Lawn Care in St. Louis.

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