Proper Raking for St. Louis Lawns

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Now that we have reached the late fall season, the multi-colored leaves that were once on the trees are forming a thick layer over many lawns in the St. Louis area.  Raking is one of those tasks that most people wish to avoid but it is important rake up the leaves in your yard because excess debris can be damaging to the lawn’s health.   There really is no right or wrong way to rake a lawn but following these tips will help you rake efficiently and prevent injury to the lawn and your body while also cutting down on the time spent raking.

Watch the Weather

If you are experiencing wet or windy weather, it is best to wait for another day to rake.  The wetness makes the leaves much heavier and windy conditions can make raking more troublesome by blowing the leaves around.  It is best to rake on a calm, dry day.

Use a Good Rake

Before raking your yard, make sure that the rake you use is solid and not flimsy.  A sturdier, dependable rake will perform the job quicker and more efficiently while placing less stress on the blades of grass.


Raking the leaves tends to make people feel sore afterwards, but keeping good posture can help relieve some of the pain.  When raking, make sure to stand straight up, change your hand positions to avoid blisters, and lift with your legs when picking up leaves and yard bags.

Mulch the Leaves

If you would rather not rake the leaves this year, you can use a mulching mower to mulch the leaves.  This not only saves you time and effort from raking, but also creates nutrient-rich mulch that will benefit your lawn.

Raking the leaves has many benefits for your lawn and by following these tips; you can make raking into a quicker and easier task.  It is beneficial for your lawn to rake because the layer of leaves can smother lawns by restricting the amount of nutrients and natural light that reach the root system and the moisture that builds up in the leaves can lead to turf diseases.  So make sure to rake up your leaves before the winter sets in and if you have any questions about preparing your lawn for the St. Louis winter, contact Green T Lawn Care in St. Louis for more information.

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