Winterizing Your Lawn in St. Louis

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As we get deeper into the fall, the temperature will continue to drop and homeowners will spend less time outside tending to their lawns.  Before the cold winter weather sets in, it is important to prepare the lawn to handle the stress it will face from the harsh winds, frost, and snow.  Effective lawn winterization will help your lawn handle the stressors that come with winter weather and give the lawn a better chance of growing back thick and healthy the next spring.  You can winterize your lawn by performing the following actions late in the fall.

Fertilize: The fall is an important time for lawn fertilization and winterizing fertilizers should be used in the late fall.  Winterizing fertilizers are made specifically for cool season grasses and contain a high amount of potassium which helps absorb nutrients and strengthen the root and crown of grass blades for a better chance of survival.

Seeding: The last chance to seed the lawn is late in the fall season before the ground freezes.  Seeding areas of a lawn with bare spots, patches, or dormant growth will help stimulate new growth the following spring.

Watering: The lawn should still be watered deep into the fall to make sure that it is getting enough moisture.  If your area has not received enough rainfall, be sure to water the lawn so that is does not dry out before the winter.

Leaves: It is important to rake all the leaves before the winter because they can block oxygen and sunlight from the surface of the lawn.  Leaves that are left on the lawn can also increase the moisture level which makes lawns more susceptible to developing turf diseases.

Mowing: When mowing the lawn for the last time of the season, the mower height should be lowered from 2.5 inches to the lowest the mower will allow.  The shortened grass will stand up straight instead of lying flat which will minimize damage from ice and snow.

Performing these actions will help winterize your lawn for the ensuing cold months and if you need professional assistance with this process, contact Green T Lawn Care in St. Louis.  Green T Lawn Care offers winterizing fertilizer applications as well as fall over seeding to prep your lawn for the winter.  Taking these steps now will go a long way in contributing to a healthy lawn for next year.

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