Fall Weeds in Missouri

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Homeowners around the St. Louis area may have noticed plenty of weeds growing in their lawns this fall.  In fact, the excessive rainfall this summer has made it one of the worst years for weeds because the rain stimulates healthy growth not just in the lawn, but in all plants including weeds and other unwanted plants.  The most common type of weeds, crabgrass, nutsedge, and clover, actually thrive in these moist conditions.  However, there is still time this fall to take control of the weed situation before the winter hits.

One way to keep weeds in check this fall is with proper watering and mowing practices.  It is important to mow your lawn at the proper height to curtail weed growth which is usually between 2.5 to 3 inches, but the height may vary depending on the grass type of the lawn.  Watering practices should be monitored carefully because of the excess rain fall to make sure that lawns are not overwatered.  If your lawn has received adequate rainfall this summer, watering may be unnecessary until next season.

Another way to combat the weeds this fall is to continue to promote a healthy root system through proper fertilization as well as aerations and over seeding.  A strong, thick root system is the lawn’s best natural defense against weeds and continued fertilization in the fall will provide the roots with the nutrients necessary to stay strong and fight off weed growth.  Performing aerations and over seeding will also contribute to a stronger root system.  The aeration process removes thatch layers and plugs of grass to open up holes in the soil that allow for better penetration of nutrients and moisture down to the root.  Over seeding is often performed with aerations so that the seeds can reach the root system and contribute to a thicker lawn capable of choking out weeds.

While proper watering, mowing, and fertilization practices can be done by the homeowner to combat weed growth this fall, Green T Lawn Care offers aerations and over seeding as well as weed control treatments to our St. Louis customers for further protection.  It is important to continue these lawn care practices late into the fall because taking proper care now is the best way to ensure a healthy, weed free lawn in the spring.  Contact Green T Lawn Care to learn more about our fall lawn care services.

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