Fall Aeration and Over Seeding for St. Louis

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The fall season is a very crucial time for lawn care in St. Louis and the ideal time to perform aeration and over seeding.  Aeration and over seeding are the best actions you can perform on your lawn to improve the condition of the soil and root system as well as prepare it to survive the winter and recover the next spring.  Here is an explanation of how fall aerations and over seeding can benefit St. Louis lawns.


Fall aerations are extremely important for maintaining a healthy lawn all year round.  Aeration is the removal of small plugs of soil and thatch over the entire lawn using equipment designed to penetrate the lawn’s surface and systematically remove the plugs of soil.  This process cultivates the soil and helps improve soil conditions by allowing air, water, and nutrients to effectively reach the root system.  This results in a stronger, deeper root system that allows the grass to better overcome stress from disease, insects, and drought.  The plugs of soil are left on the lawn because they contain microorganisms that break down thatch and they disappear shortly after the aeration.  It is best to perform aerations in the spring or fall when the air is cool and the soil is moist.

Over Seeding

                Over seeding is the practice of laying seeds over existing grass to stimulate new growth for a denser lawn.  By the end of the summer, the individual grass blades become weak and die which leaves the lawn more susceptible to diseases, weeds, and insects.  Over seeding helps re-establish the lawn where the grass blades have become weak to improve its density and appearance.

Before over seeding, the weakened areas of lawn should be raked to remove dead grass and loosen the soil to better receive the seeds.  Aerations are also great for preparing a lawn for over seeding by opening up the soil.  If the seeds are exposed on the surface of the soil, they can easily be washed away, blown away, or eaten before they reach the root system.  Once the seeds penetrate the soil, the moisture in the ground during the fall and winter will help them germinate for a quick spring recovery.

Aerations and over seeding, especially when performed together in the fall, can revitalize a lawn and prepare it to survive the long winter.  The fall is a crucial time for lawn care because it is important to prepare lawns for the winter to ensure that they will recover quickly in the spring.  Green T Lawn Care offers core aeration and over seeding services to our St. Louis customers in the fall season.  These services will give your lawn the best chance to survive the Missouri winter.

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