Fall Lawn Care Tips for St. Louis

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The summer is beginning to wind down in St. Louis and when the temperature starts to drop in the fall, certain lawn care practices should be changed.  The fall season is crucial for the lawn because care in this season will affect the lawn’s health year round, making it important to follow proper watering, seeding, fertilization and mowing practices.


When the temperature starts to drop, the length of the grass can be shortened when mowed.  It is recommended during the summer to mow the lawn at 3 to 3½ inches but once the colder weather sets in; the height should be shortened to about 2 to 2½ inches.  Mowing any shorter could kill the grass.


The rainfall and temperature differences in the fall season in St. Louis warrant a change in watering habits from the summer.  There is typically more rainfall in the fall which means that lawns should be watered less.  Lawns need about an inch of water a week and they should only be watered in the fall if the rainfall is less than an inch in a given week.


Lawn fertilization should continue through the beginning of the fall but should be stopped by late October because lawns stop taking nutrients as the winter sets in.  Homeowners should use fertilizers high in nitrogen in the fall which will help strengthen the root system to survive the winter and recover quicker in the spring.


The rainfall and cooler temperatures of the fall season create the ideal condition for grass seed germination.  Fall seeding can be approached in two ways; seeds can be planted in September to germinate before the winter hits or in October so that they stay dormant until the spring which also creates ideal conditions for grass seed germination.  One of the benefits to seeding late in the fall is that birds will be hibernating so they will not be a threat to eat the grass seeds.

While these simple maintenance practices can be done by homeowners, booking a core aeration and over seeding service can also bring many benefits to a lawn in the fall season.  Green T Lawn Care offers aeration and over seeding services to our St. Louis customer and we are currently booking the services to begin administering them soon.  Contact Green T Lawn Care to book an aeration or over seeding service or click here to learn more.

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