Fighting Dollar Spot in St. Louis

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The Missouri summer creates an ideal environment for a variety of fungal diseases to develop in a lawn such as brown patch and leaf blight.  Another fungal disease that may develop during the summer is dollar spot.  Dollar spot is a fungal turf disease that appears as small, circular brown patches throughout the lawn and it can consume an entire lawn if it is left untreated.  This post discusses how to identify dollar spot as well as the best ways to prevent or eliminate it from your lawn.


Correctly identifying dollar spot in your lawn is the first step towards eliminating it.  Dollar spot is caused by a fungus that thrives in damp, humid conditions and feeds on grass blades.  Lawns that are affected with dollar spot show straw colored spots of dead grass throughout the lawn that are about the size of a silver dollar, giving the disease its name.  Without proper treatment, these spots will grow and expand across the entire lawn.

Dollar spot is most likely to develop in warm, moist weather with temperatures between 59 and 86 degrees F.  This disease can be especially harsh on lawns with compacted, infertile, or dry soil.  Lawns that have weakened areas or excessive thatch build up are also more likely to contract dollar spot.

Avoiding Dollar Spot

Because dollar spot is most likely to attack thinning lawns, the best defense against it and other fungal diseases is to maintain a dense, healthy lawn.  Applying regular fertilizer applications throughout the season, especially in the spring, will help keep lawns healthy enough to fight off fungal turf diseases common to the St. Louis area.

Another way to combat dollar spot is to limit the moisture level of the lawn because excess moisture leads to fungal growth.  Watering your lawn early in the day is one way to control the moisture level.  Evening watering should be avoided because it could result in standing water overnight.  The lawn should only be mowed when it is dry and it is best to mow at a high level with a sharp mower blade for a cleaner cut.  Reducing the amount of shade in your lawn can also help avoid dollar spot.  Trees and shrubs that produce a lot of shade should be pruned regularly to allow more light to reach the grass and keep it dry.

If your lawn continues to exhibit signs of dollar spot or any other fungal disease, contact Green T Lawn Care.  We can help eliminate any fungal disease that attacks turf grasses in Missouri.

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