Turf Problems in Missouri

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A number of factors can cause the turf in Missouri to become thin, discolored, and patchy, but these symptoms can be reduced with effective lawn maintenance and a good lawn care plan. These conditions could be the result of insects or disease, certain environmental factors, or inadequate maintenance and while some of these factors may be beyond control, it is still possible to combat the effects and keep a green healthy lawn. The following is an assessment of turf problems, their potential factors, and ways to alleviate the damage to your turf. Read Full Article »

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Spring Crabgrass in St. Louis

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Lawn care season has begun in St. Louis but with the new season comes the same threats that can compromise the health of your lawn year after year. One common threat that can be destructive to a lawn is crabgrass. Crabgrass is a grass weed recognized by its coarse texture and pointed leaves that spread out from a central stem. These weeds spread and germinate quickly and cause lawns to become patchy and discolored. Several other grass weed types that are similar to crabgrass can also be troublesome and it is important to be able to identify them to take action. This post is a guide to the different types of grass weeds in the St. Louis area. Read Full Article »

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New Lawn Care News Coming Soon

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Stay tuned for some new lawn care news and information.

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