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Green T Lawn CareGreen T Lawn Care St. Louis is a company you can rely on for all your lawn care needs in St. Louis, MO.  We are proud to be locally run and operated right here in St. Charles County.  Our experience and attention to detail in commercial and residential lawn fertilizing allows us to turn your lawn into a beautiful feature of your property.

Green T’s comprehensive lawn care program is second to none.  We will provide all your lawn care needs and give you peace of mind all year round.  Why spend your time working on your yard when you can be enjoying that time with your family and friends.  Let us frame your picture-perfect home with a gorgeous lawn!

 “Your beautiful lawn is our business card!”


There is currently a brand of grass seed being advertised and sold to the residents of the St. Louis area that is a poor quality seed that may cause damage to your lawn. Please contact Green T Lawn Care to learn more about which brands of grass seed to avoid and which brands are the most effective.

Helpful Lawn Care Articles
Early Spring Lawn CareSpring Lawn Care
When the first days of spring arrive, it is time to begin early season lawn care to help your lawn begin its recovery from the damage caused by the cold St. Louis winter. The most effective early season lawn care strategies are slow release fertilizer application and weed control.  Listed in this article are effective early spring lawn care tips that are sure to boost early season growth.      Read More

Missouri Weed ControlCommon Missouri Weeds
A weed control application in the spring will drastically improve the appearance and health of your lawn later in the season. Spring is the time when many weeds begin to emerge for the first time and if they aren’t eliminated they can quickly become a nuisance. Weed control will help eradicate these weeds, encouraging your grass to fill in these spots and ultimately giving you a thicker for uniform lawn.

Missouri Lawn InsectsMissouri Lawn Insects
In spring, many insects begin to appear and populate the landscape. Ladybugs and ants are some of the first insects to appear in the landscape and can become quite bothersome if left to their own devices. These insects typically eat grasses and other landscape plants and can create unsightly ant hills, which damage and ruin the appearance of the lawn.     Read More

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